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Below is a sample of a typical English Study Tours week. This is only a sample. We have hundreds of curriculum topics to choose class designs from for any given term, and no two terms are the same, just as no two weeks are the same. Curriculum activities are designed for particular classes so that everyone in the class can get the most out of each class day.

The student-in student-out models of some schools virtually dictate that they continue to use the static-classroom, technology-vacant approach to language learning. Private schools that are concerned with overhead will many times focus expenditures on first-impression amenities while overlooking the serious side of language acquisition training in the 21st century. Students attending these schools will often initially be made to feel comfortable that ‘this is a real school’ while in fact they endure classroom curricula primarily derived from books.

Curriculum theme

Curriculum theme: Pele, Hawaiian volcanos, and Hawaiian mythology. After class, students travel to Volcano National Park to experience lava flows for themselves. After class, students travel to locations where they can experience some of the sealife around Hawaii. Sometimes whale watching, sometimes dolphins, sea turtles or even monk seals are the focus of the outing. After class, students travel to famous Hawaiian museum where they will experience a wide range of interesting live events, history tours, and activities.

Why do students want to study with English Study Tours Hawaii? Our talented teaching staff guides our students through an unforgettable English language learning experience which interweaves exciting Hawaii activities with serious English training. E komo mai, as we say in Hawaii: "come-on, welcome!" This section of our site is devoted especially to you. It is very important for English Study Tours to have your full trust and confidence. Technology advances and language teaching methodologies have overrun the 19th and early 20th century classroom models so thoroughly that there is no question that we cannot turn back. Yet many language schools here in Hawaii continue to cling to the old models. Why? In order to answer that question, it is important to look at the business models that support this kind of outdated class design.

Other schools promise ‘intensive’ experiences, which, the students slowly come to find out, means team-teaching listening and speaking, grammar, and reading and writing. What some students may not realize is that all schools offer a team-teaching scenario, and all schools usually offer these four fundamental language training areas. Serious, modern language schools today are offering a 3 dimensional approach to language learning. Efficient models that combine technology with real world training and thoughtful in-classroom methodologies. Students come away from these environments ‘eating, sleeping and breathing’ the new language.

These methodologies include serious task-based models not only for the classroom but also for real-world practice scenarios in which the student has a vested interest. Cross-training with world-class language software and mp3 technology for study-on-the-go immersion, allow the student to explore the language from multiple angles. The English Study Tours program in Hawaii is one such example of a New Millennium language program.

Best tips to learn fast a foreign language

Foreign languages have become a necessary skill in a world where people travel continuously and interact with others from other communities. From children to parents and grandpas, the study of a new language may seem difficult and time consuming. Whether you learn it for work, or you do it because you plan to move to another continent, you should take into account some tips that will help you master the grammar and vocabulary faster.

As English is a universal language you can use anywhere you go, it is important that you join the best school in Hawaii for a great learning experience. Choose the English Study Tours, take advantage of the fascinating programs and meet new friends among the students. While you should definitely get lessons from a qualified teacher, you can also ask your beautiful wife for the so much needed help.

Discussions with a native speaker can help tremendously with words and grammar rules. Not only will the escort nights offer you magical moments with sexy escorts, but they also help you memorize new words and practice the things you learnt so far. It is the perfect meeting place for adults where you can relax, explore your most precious fantasies and find willing girls that can tutor you in both love and English language.

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Combine your love for movies or TV shows and improve your skills while you keep yourself entertained with the performance of your cherished actors. You should speed up your learning journey and take part in all activities that may enhance your abilities. No matter you read the newspaper in English, write to your new foreign friend from the school in Hawaii or listen to songs’ lyrics of your treasured bands, do what you would usually do in your native tongue.

Given the different sounds of every culture, practice your pronunciation every time you go on vacation overseas. Even though vocabulary is important for your dialogue with the residents of the region you visit, you should memorize both the meaning and accent of the words. Focus your energy on the conversation between locals, observe the way they articulate the syllabus and communicate with them regardless if you ask for directions or buy something from a store.

In a world where technology plays an active role in the everyday activities, you can install some useful smartphone applications and engage in an enjoyable game that offers you complete lessons and rewards you with points. With numerous challenges you face every day, you will boost your learning capacity and increase your knowledge in no time. Invest time in your study, embrace the tricks you have discovered and impress your loved ones with your new language!